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Company culture

Myled’s Target 
To be the most professional led display manufacture in the world. Establish a bigger developing stage for staff and workers.

Myled’s Mission
Focus on customer’s challenge and thinking. Provide the most competitive led display solution and services. Get out the most of profit for customers.  
Hardworking and dedicating to the customer’s needs.
Self-criticism and keep improving   
Myled’s working Attitude
Serious, strict, positive, effective.
Serious: Make perfection more perfect, get to the bottom of any problems.
Strict: Strict management, strict penalty system. Be strict with ourselves and people around; Be strict in working procedure; Strict award and penalty system.
Positive: Be positive to accept tasks, be positive to bear responsibility, be positive to find problems, be positive to improve working quality.
Efficient: Clear working plan, quick response. Always leave spare time in advance; No-wait working attitude.