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1.Advertising Solution,  It included wall mounted and Pole structure.
2 Our patented video processing technology ensures superior image display as well as conversion capabilities for a variety of video signals, such as CVBS (Composite Video Broadcast Signal), S-Video (S Terminal), YCbCr (Digital Video Color Space), YPbPr (Component Analog Video Signal), RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, HDMI, SDI (SD, HD Serial Digital Interface) and VOIP (Copper RJ45).
3. We provide the latest audio and video matrix equipment, able to incorporate video image processing, signal processing, and high-definition for a completely integrated experience. Unilumin’s patented hardware design technology, combined with full-color LED screen displays, is compatible with a wide range of video input and designed to meet the special requirements of today’s end user.
4. MY LED’s Monitor and Control System embeds an Intelligent Control Unit in its PLC, which monitors the external environment with sensors and automatically adjusts to abnormal conditions. Coupled with remote control from your computer, it offers the end-user a smooth command of the display.