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1. Our patented video processing technology ensures superior image display as well as conversion capabilities for a variety of video signals, such as CVBS (Composite Video Broadcast Signal), S-Video (S Terminal), YCbCr (Digital Video Color Space), YPbPr (Component Analog Video Signal), RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, HDMI, SDI (SD, HD Serial Digital Interface) and VOIP (Copper RJ45).
2 Multi-purpose: new cabinet design meets 3 types of installation requirements (fence, hanging, stacking), giving the display flexibility in it's application and ease of installing/dismantling.
3. User-friendly design: the front and top of the screen cabinets use soft plastic material to protect the athletes in the event of a collision with the screen and reduce the chance of injury.
4. Optional flight cases can be used to facilitate the transport of the LED screen during rental use, offering all control equipmentthe best protection.
5. The system’s double backup power system allows for manual or automatic shift to the display’s backup supply without interrupting or affecting its normal operation.
6. Energy-saving: control system includes a brightness configurationcard. The system adapts to external circumstances, and the display automatically adjusts screen brightness to always keep the screen output comfortable for the human eye (without affecting the sports.