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LED Transparency LED display


Application: In /outdoor advertising
Pixel Pitch: P2.6, P3.9, P7.8,P10.4
Pixel Configuration: SMD1921 /SMD2020
Brightness: 1200 to 6500nits
Refresh rate: ≥3840Hz
Module size 256mm*64mm
Cabinet size: 1000*500mm/500mm*500mm;
•High Visibility 
80% transparent design ensures clear view for viewer both in and out of building. LED module is stuck on inside of glass wall, and tiny integrated LED lamp is invisible seen from outside which enable the building keep its stylish and elegant design. 
•Compact Design and Light Weight
LED panel with 8mm thickness is fit for different glass wall building. With weight only 12Kg/sqm, this design minimizes the load for the glass wall.
•Conveniently Install and Maintain
No need to change any part of building, the modules can be stuck to the back of the glass wall by special glue. Installing one module will cost only 10 seconds. Should any maintenance occur, all can be done inside.
•Saving Money in Decoration
Glass wall screen creates the vivid decoration and play various advertisement; it saves other lights to light up the building.
•Wide Application
The Glass Wall LED Screen can be applied wherever the glass wall existed such as commercial building, landmark architecture, art center, shopping mall, super market, chain stores, etc.
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