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P12 oudtoor advertising display P12 outdoor advertising display 2

P12 outdoor advertising display


Application: Outdoor advertising
Pixel Pitch: P12
Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
Brightness: 6000nits
Refresh rate: ≥3000Hz
Module size 192mm*192mm
Cabinet size: 960*960mm; 1152*960mm
Products feature:
1.Stable performance,wide applicability, high brightness, high protection grade,superb performance/price ratio;
2.The cabinets, featuring great moisture and corrosion proofing, enable themselves to work in all weather conditions;
3.High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown, even under direct sunlight;
4.Superb performance/price ratio offers you both top notch quality and reasonable price, maximizing the value of your investment.
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