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P16 Cabinet back side P16 outdoor curtain front

P16 outdoor curtain


Application: Outdoor wall mounted or rental
Pixel Pitch: P16
Pixel Layout: 1R1G1B
Brightness: 6500nits
Refresh rate: ≥3000Hz
Module size 512mm*128mm
Cabinet size: 1024mm*1024mm
Products feacture
1. It is applied to Wall mounted, outdoor stage . 
2.Simple structure, easy to assembled and maintained.
3. Multiplied file formats, such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB are comprehensive, and also we have three display mode as VGA+VIDE and VGA. There are also interfaces for Sound signal and video signal.
4. 4096 grade grey control system and the color is over 16.7 million, and the brightness, contrast, saturation, Chroma can be adjusted by manual and sensor, whose scope is 256 grade.
5. Show all kinds of word, text, graph, picture, video, 2-dimention, 3-dimention cartoon and other information with your PC does synchronously.
6. Portable, convenient, big pixel pitch, very cost effective.
7. No-fans design. With lower sound, better heat dissipation, lower consumption, higher reliability.
8. Bright color, quick respond, long life span. Environment friendly and energy saving.
9. Strip structure and eliminating nearly all limitations on display size.
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